Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goal-Setting and Self-Assessment Activities in a Tertiary Education Environment

Kato, Fumie (2009). Language Teaching Research. Student preferences: Goal-setting and self-assessment activities in a tertiary education environment. 13(177). doi:10.1177/1362168809103447

This article reports the results of student preferences with respect to intervention students integrated into college level Japanese language cources in two consecutive years. The inital students was entitle 'Goal List Project'; the subsequent amended study was entitled 'Self-Assessment Project'. The former project requred the students to set indivdiual goals and to commit to the goals in a written document. On the basis of the analysis of the students' responses, the second study excluded the written goal ist requirement. Both projects contained common elements of student reflection, self-assessment, documentation of problems/commonets and written instructor feedback. (Kato summary)

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