Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Development of Gender Roles: Technology as an Equity Strategy

Gunn, C., (1994) Development of gender roles: technology as an equity strategy. National education computing conference, 261-267.


The article gives an overview of development of gender roles, particularly in classrooms that use technology. Three observation scenarios are described involving computer use in grades 2, 5, and 6 that might affect gender equity. The research also suggests strategies are discussed for encouraging more computer use by girls, role of the teacher, teaching computer technology, and selecting software for use in the classroom.

I really loved the ideas that the author presents in this article. I like the discussions about gender and how it varies in the use and perception of technological content. She offered great starting points to approaching technology in the classroom and creating better course content to reach an equitable point for both genders.


Our society holds different expectations for girls and boys, these expectations, depending upon sex however, generate different patterns of behavior in children. (262)

Lack of effort is the usual criticism for boys; teachers will consistently tell boys that they are not trying hard enough. Teacher feedback to girls most often is positive, and seldom refers to effort. (262)

Educators need to be aware that there is a gender gap in the science, math, and technological areas. (265)

Videotaping actual classrooms so that teachers can see themselves in action can help develop their own strategies for fostering gender-equitable education. (265)

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Hi Rianna~

This article looks great and I'm glad you found things you think you can use! I'd love to hear more about some of the specific examples she gave of strategies, the roles teachers can take on, etc. Were there any that particularly struck you? It is good to be as specific as you can here since the details you put in now will help as you write up your understandings! Keep up the great work!


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