Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blogging to Learn

Bartlett-Bragg, Anne (2003). Blogging to learn, retrieved May 3, 2008 at

In the article Blogging to Learn, Ann Bartlett-Bragg explains what blogging is, how she integrated blogging into her instruction, and the effects blogging had on some students writing. Bartlett-Bragg's main premise is that blogging "appears to enrich the learning experience and provide an opportunity for learners to shift from surface to deeper levels of learning." She defines surface learning as "the approach of the learner to complete only the minimum content necessary to meet assessment requirements, whether that is learning only what may be presented in a test of simply attending and completing activities." Deep learning involves reflection, making connections between ideas and concepts and synthesizing information. In her experience, Bartlett-Bragg found blogging allowed students to write for a real audience and give and receive feedback in a collaborative setting. This feedback even prompted some to reflect and revise their writing. She states, "Critical reflection from reviews of their blogs then leads to deeper levels of learning, where the students draw on their experiences to inform future professional practice."

I was drawn, once again, to this article, because of its title. Although it is not a recent publication, I appreciated this teacher-researchers explanation and reflection of her journey blogging with students. The idea that blogs offer a 1.) real audience, 2.)place for feedback and 3.)propel reflection and revision is what I am interested in. I really need to find out more about blogs versus forums. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? How do I go about setting up blogs or a forum for my classroom? If my students all have their own blog, how do I create a website where all can access one another's? What is Google sites? What do the HTH teachers do? Is the digital portfolio a site or a blog? What is the difference between a site and a blog? Where can I get this questions answered?

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