Monday, May 10, 2010

Rios, F. (2004) "Cognitive Development". Readings in Learning and Instruction, Pearson Custom Publishing, Needham, Massachusetts

Chapter 2 Cognitive Development

Summary- This book is comprised of many different excerpts from a variety of authors and researchers in diverse areas of education and learning. Francisco Rios was a professor in my teacher credentialing program and complied these materials to be used in training new teachers. Chapter 2, “Cognitive development” discusses different theories on how students acquire knowledge. He discusses Piaget as well as Vygotsky. The chapter also includes classroom observations of students participating in collaborative problem-solving activities to reinforce the theories presented. It focuses on answering specific questions.
What are human dimensions of human development?
How do individuals’ cognitive abilities develop?
What is the social basis for cognitive development?
How does the ability to process information develop?
How do individuals develop language skills?
How can you accommodate the developmental differences and needs of your students?
Much of the information is focused in on the areas of language and cognition from the psychology and linguistic point of view.


This is a textbook for new and developing teachers. It presents and defines cognitive and linguistic development theories, as well as providing classroom observations to support the definitions and theories presented. Each section is guided and followed up with a focus questions. It is apparent that the readings were selected with a specific focus on learning theories and quality teaching practices. Subheadings are followed with paragraph’s that define the topic, as well as supports those definitions with examples. Each subsection starts with “Insights”, teacher observation and reflections of classroom learning experiences.

Reflection: I chose to reread this book as a way to help myself deepen my understandings and truly focus in on what I know and believe as an educator. The definitions are very clear and concise that I will use these in my understandings and support with examples from others’ research in the same areas of study. I will be using this as one of my resources for my research because it is rich with information and strategies for student centered learning, collaboration, assessment and self-esteem.

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