Monday, May 30, 2011

Panel Finds Few Learning Gains from Testing Movement

Sparks, S.D. (2011, May 26). Panel finds few learning gains from testing movement. Education Week,30(33), Retrieved from

The author summarizes a study by the National Academies of Science concerning the impact of the current testing craze on student learning.  The title sums up what educators already knew.  "Nearly a decade of America's test-based accountability systems, from AYP to high school exit exams, has shown little to no positive effect overall on learning and insufficient safeguards against gaming the system."

The study examined and found these testing measures "too narrow to accurately measure progress on program goals."  

"For example, New York's requirement that all high school seniors pass the Regents exam before graduating high school led to more students passing the Regents test, but the scores on the lower stakes National Assessment of Educational Progress, which was testing the same subjects, didn't budge during the same time period."

The author calls for the renewal of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to "incorporate more diverse measures of student achievement."

If you are looking for a short piece on what's wrong with the current standardized testing system, here you go.  If you want to read the full report, it will set you back $35 at

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