Saturday, September 24, 2011

Music, Movement, and Early Literacy: A Best Practices Primer for “Gotta Move!”

Annotation provided by Bobby Shaddox

Mcewing, H. (2011). Music, movement, and early literacy a best practices primer for "gotta move!". Children and Libraries, 9(2), 29-35.

Librarian, Hayley McEwing, shares the ins and outs of her library’s “Gotta Move!” program. Her program, a sort of “storytime for the restless” builds on the idea that music and movement provides shared experiences for students and involves multiple intelligences. The article details the various activities implemented by her program, like Nursery/Action Rhymes and Letter-cise.

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garistein said...

Is there a place on line that I might find the entire article. Many thanks.
Gari Stein Ann Arbor MI

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