Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Helping New Teachers Enter and Stay in the Profession

Olebe, Margaret. "Helping New Teachers Enter and Stay in the Profession." The Clearing House, 78.4 (2005): 158-163.

Individuals come into the profession with diverse backgrounds and understanding of what it means to teach; effective induction builds from this circumstance by embracing an array of complex professional activities that grow communities of practice among teachers. The article discusses some basic notions of induction and elaborates some of the structural issues that have emerged in California as the state has worked to develop and implement induction programs for new teachers.

"Beginning teachers' thoughts about their practice and profession should be fostered and respected."

"Induction is as much about schools and school cultures as it is about supporting individual teachers."

"When teachers are accountable to each other, communities of practice flourish and beginners do not struggle-or succeed- in isolation."

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