Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Study of novice teachers: Challenges and supports in the first years

Fantilli, Robert and Douglas McDougall "A Study of novice teachers: Challenges and supports in the first years,. Teaching and Teacher Education, 25 (2009): 814-825.


In recent years, it has been reported that in alarming number of teachers are leaving the profession in the first three years after graduation from a pre-service program. This phenonmenon is common in North America and it is essential that educators identify the challenges surrounding new teachers and provide supports to assist them. In this study, Ontario graduates from a two year pre-service program were surveyed and 5 teachers were selected for case studies. Participants found administrative leadership, refining the mentorship selection process, hiring practices, and district-sponsered supports as positive factors necessary for them to grow into the profession.


"Teacher retention problems in may American districts have resulted in a disproportionate number of inexperienced, uncertified and/or under-qualified teachers places in urban schools across the United States."

"Beginning teachers in difficult situations often feel like failures. Without adequate supports, only the strongest and most determined teachers succeed."

"How to best train adminstrators to be effective leaders in the mentorship process as a valuable component of induction practices."

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