Saturday, April 10, 2010

Interactions for Peace Primary Peacemakers Program

Steele, E. and Pesavento, K. (2002). Interactions for Peace: Primary Peacemakers Program. Torrance, California: Jalmar Press.


This book is a guide for implementing the Interactions for Peace Program into a classroom. The goal is to provide a seamless system of integrated programs that empower and inspire kids to be peacemakers and serve their community through peaceful interactions. There are five elements of the program: Self-awareness and Worth; Cooperation; Communication; Conflict Resolution; and Parent and Community Connections. The entire program is broken up into sections based on ages.

The Primary Peacemakers........Preschool-Second Grade

The Peace Patrol......................Third Grade-Fifth or Sixth Grade

Middle School Mediators...........Sixth Grade-Eighth Grade

Peer Listeners...........................Sixth Grade-Eighth Grade

Bully Prevention........................Fourth Grade-Eighth Grade


This is a great program. I can not wait to implement it into my classroom. I am going to try out parts of it this year with my class so I can get a feel for the material but really focus on my student’s next year. After reading this book I now have a program that was meant to work with my students. Everything I have researched thus far has been mostly geared towards middle and high school students. This step by step guide will give me great activities to try with my students. They will then take what they have learned in my classroom and build upon those skills when they graduate into Peace Patrol.


I have chosen to focus on The Primary Peacemakers. Teaching kindergarten I have a real opportunity to set the foundation of our school. I want to have all students thinking about peace on a daily basis. I want my young students to become the leaders of our school.


“The spirit of cooperation - not working on something together but working together on something.” (10)

“Know peace, no violence.”

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