Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making writing enjoyable

Shelton-Colangelo, Sharon. “Joy in the Classroom.” Teaching with Joy: Educational Practices for the Twenty-First Century. New York: Rowman & Littlefielf Publishers, Inc. 2007, pp.109-114.


Sharon Shelton-Colangelo provides an insight into how she makes writing more enjoyable, engaging, and stress free for her students. By breaking the writing into a developmental process for the students with feedback given in a similar manner. With these assignments, she allows her students to complete them outside in nature and as an active observer of nature. This allows them to experience nature and have a less confining writing environment by being in the environment they are writing about. In addition, she briefly explains how she is able to do this, her process.

Though I enjoy and agree with most of her points, the data she provides leaves me a little skeptical. In particular, when she is talking about how she makes the writing assignments for her students “ be with the moment...” and states that “all learners enjoy the assignments.” (110) I can understand that most might but all? Also, the successful of these assignments are explained in vague terms with no real concrete data supplied to back up the statement.


-“So if we who have embraced the profession of education can reawaken in students the unselfconscious pleasure that most preschoolers feel as they explore language and their surroundings with curiosity and a sense of play, we can help them grow as writers, as thinkers, and as people.” (110)

-“When learners have difficulties, it is often in fact the teacher who feels the most frustrated and unfulfilled; yet when true learning takes place, we all benefit.” (110)

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