Wednesday, July 13, 2011

High Tech High Mentor Training

Btsa induction. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Summary:  The website is High Tech High's hub for their BTSA induction program.  As part of their program, I attending mentor training on November 11, 2010.  The agenda included a review of the intern and induction programs, a CSTP self assessment, and role-playing observations.  For the role play, groups of 3 reviewed HTH's observation tool and the debrief protocol.  Then a video clip from a classroom was shared and teams role played the new teacher, the mentor, and an observer who shared notes on what they saw that worked/didn't work about the conversation between the new teacher and the mentor.  This process was repeated a second time, changing roles.

Evaluation:  The tools and resources from the training directly support the work that must be done by both new teachers and mentors as part of the induction/intern program.  The training supported the goals of the program and helped mentors prepare for actual conversations with their mentees.

Reflection:  This training was extremely useful to me as I develop a mentor training at my school.  It showed me how crucial it is for teachers to have a chance to see how video observations can be used as a conversation tool and to actually role play what that conversation could be like.  Also, I felt like mentors gained confidence and had a chance to ask questions about using the forms and following the protocol.  Engaging new teachers in reflective and critical thinking and conversation is a fine art; having tools and time to practice using them in a safe environment was incredibly beneficial.

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