Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Website: California State Teacher Performance Assessment

California commission on teacher credentialing. (2011, April 19). Retrieved from

Summary:  This is the Commission's website for accessing information about the Teacher Performance Assessment, which all Multiple and Single Subject teaching candidates must complete in order to earn their preliminary credential.  The site has flyers for administrators, parents, policy makers, school board members, and teacher candiates; information about the three models of the TPA that are currently available (California Teaching Performance Assessment [CalTPA], Fresno Assessment of Student Teachers [FACT], and Performance Assessment for California Teachers [PACT]); as well as information for those considering designing their own Teaching Performance Assessment.  for each of the models, the site has links and information for further details about the specifics of each program.

Evaluation:  The site is user-friendly and up to date.  Since it is a state run site, one presumes the information is correct and current.

Reflection:  This site is key to my work developing mentors for my school's intern credential program.  Anyone involved with credentialing or working with new teachers would do well to be familiar with these standards as they represent the State's expectations for teachers (both new and experienced).  It is especially relevant working with new teachers to help them develop these skills and working with experienced staff to continue to develop and build upon their skills.

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