Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drive, The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Pink, D. H. (2011). Drive, the surprising truth about what motivates us. New York, New York: Riverhead Books.

This book reflects on the change and differing ideas of what motivates us between traditional thought of Motivation 2.0 (the carrot stick method) and Motivation 3.0 (intrinsic motivation to create and contribute to a better world). We are seeing a shift between a Type X behavior (behavior driven by external rewards) and Type I behavior (behaviors powered by autonomy, mastery, and purpose). Although there is strong scientific evidence that Motivation 3.0 has a more powerful affect on individual performances, Motivation 2.0 still has a strong hold on the way businesses and schools run. With modern society comes modern challenges and a shift needs to be made to help motivate children and individuals in today's world. This book is hard to put down because of the endless mismatches of what science knows and what businesses and schools do.

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