Sunday, September 26, 2010

7 Essentials for project-based learning

Annotation provided by Chris Webber:

Larmer, John. (2010). 7 Essentials for project-based learning. Educational Leadership, 68(1), 34-37.

This article, as the title suggests, explains what elements are needed to bring meaningful projects to the classroom. The author explains how each decent project should contain the following 2 elements: A need to know, as well as a driving question. It is explained that a need to know is an “entry point” which gets the students interested in the upcoming project. The driving question is designed to have students focus their attention in a particular area. The article also covers the necessity of peer feedback in student teams, which was very interesting.

“Students need to learn that most people's first attempts don't result in high quality and that revision is a frequent feature of real world work” (35).

“Schoolwork is more meaningful when it's not done only for the teacher or the test. When students present their work to a real audience, they care more about its quality” (35).

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Stacey Caillier said...

Hey Chris~
When you get a chance, can you e-mail me this article (or bring me a copy)? I'd love to read it! And I think it may be good to share with our directors and new teachers. What do you think?

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