Sunday, September 26, 2010

Project-based learning: rigor and relevance in high school

Annotation provided by Chris Webber:

Harada, Violet, H. (March, 2008). Project-based learning: rigor and relevance in high school. Library Media Collection, 26(6), 14-20.

PBL is explained to be something that should be grounded in the content standards according to this article. The article also mentions that students should develop ownership of the project in the following two important ways: Topics that are selected should be topics that students can relate to and topics that the students have an interest in. Students are also encouraged by Ms. Harada to develop goals early on in the process and by doing so they are more likely to produce a better end result. This article also very interestingly explains the role of the teacher as one of coach and someone who shares control of the process. This is something that I am working towards doing in my own classes. The article also explains how students use technology in project based learning and gives examples of successful projects that have been put into practice by teachers.

“…students reflect continuously as they work through their projects. Key questions they must ask themselves include: What is my goal? How well am I achieving this goal? What is working well? What problems am I having? How might I deal with these problems? What are possible solutions? This type of self-analysis builds students' abilities to focus on their strengths and consider areas for improvement”(14).

“Project-based learning frames an approach to learning that actively engages students in deeper levels of comprehension and interpretation about what and how they study” (20).

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Stacey Caillier said...

This is great! I love how you pulled out the key ideas, and then connected them to something you are working on. I'd love to know more about how you are thinking about teaching as coaching - and what this article made you think about in this regard!

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