Saturday, September 28, 2013

How To Post

Hi everyone~

To make this a user-friendly resource for all of us, here are some tips:

1) Sign in at the top right (you can use your HTH gmail login and password) and click on New Post. You'll need to create a separate post for each article/book/chapter you review.

2) Enter the title of the article/book/chapter as the title of your post.

3) Make sure your post includes the full APA citation near the top.

4) Your annotation can take a variety of forms. Try the following suggestions out and see which works best for you:

Example 1: brief paragraph describing and critically assessing the source for quality and relevance; a list of quotes and/or concepts relevant to your research/practice; and any sources cited within the text that you want to find. See "Sample Post #1: The Differentiated Classroom" post.

Example 2: summary of the work, evaluation of methods and findings, and reflection on relevance to your practice. See "Sample Post #2: How are we disposed to be creative?".

Example 3: Now that you've checked out the sample posts above, create a format that you feel will be most useful to you in chronicling your thoughts and pushing your research forward!

5) Finally, and most importantly, assign a couple labels (keywords) to your post. This is what allows us to search for all the articles on motivation, engagement, etc. If you don't attach a label to the bottom of your post, it will get buried in the ether, never to seen or searched for again. It will be very sad. Where you can, use the labels already created and shown on the right sidebar. Fewer labels means broader searches (i.e. we don't want 5 labels that say digital literacy in 5 different ways; just keep it simple and say "digital literacy." This makes it easier for everyone to search and find what they want). If you do create a new label it will magically appear in the sidebar.

6) Publish your post, congratulate yourself for sharing your work with the world, and search for more work useful to you by clicking on the labels or by using the Search box!

If you have any questions about how to use this blog, leave a comment here! Happy posting!

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