Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Predictors of Dating Violence Among High School Students

O'KEEFE, M. (1997). Predictors of dating violence among high school students. Journal of interpersonal violence, 12(4), 546-568.

The study looked at dating violence in a diverse sample of students (Based on race and socioeconomic status). 

Connections to Research:
While I thought this was interesting, what was more interesting to me was all the hits that came up when I searched for "Dating in High School". Every search engine I looked for pulled up tons of articles looking at violence, abuse and all the negative aspects that come up with dating. I, personally, was in a very healthy relationship in high school, and while we have parted ways, we helped each other grow intellectually and emotionally. We both graduated "Most Likely to Succeed" and pushed one another throughout our entire relationship. The lack of positive research when it comes to dating makes me want to conduct that research myself. 

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