Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Research on K-12 School Based Service-Learning

Billig, S. H. (2000). Research on K-12 school-based service-learning. Phi Delta Kappan, 81(9), 658-664.

This article analyzes the impact of servicelearning on individual students and school culture. Advocating for the potential power of such a curriculum, Billig argues that service learning creates more civically minded students who perform higher on standardized tests and develop more genuine career aspirations. Service learning also helps build a school culture of mutual respect that allows for youth to be seen as more active and able agents for social change. However, despite Billig’s clear belief in its benefits, he also states that there is not enough data or research on the specifics of service learning. What type of students are most affected? How connected to the community does the school need to be? With more detailed answers to these type of questions,  service learning will become a more permanent and sustainable pedagogy.

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