Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Peace Education in a Post-Conflict Environment: The case of Sierra Leone

Bretherton, D., Weston, J., & Zbar, V. (2003). Peace Education in a Post-Conflict Environment: The Case of Sierra Leone. Prospects (00331538)33(2), 219-230.

This article describes a project to develop peace education materials for teachers of students in years 1 to 9. The project was conducted by an Australian project management company in Sierra Leone, with funding from World Bank. Sierra Leone recently ended a ten year war, and peace has been a dream for a long time.  It is very interesting to me because I believe that peace education is key to promote better understanding of others and it should be taught in the early years of life.  A project created in a post-war zone must be a good place to look for effective ways to integrate peace education into our classrooms.  The authors write about the concept of peace, peace education, education in post-conflict settings, curriculum and pedagogy for peace and creating a peaceful school and community.

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