Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From Foot to Shoes: Kindergartners’, Families’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of the Project Approach

Yuen, L. H. F. (2009). From foot to shoes: Kindergartners’, families’ and teachers’ perceptions of the project approach. Early Childhood Education Journal, 37(1), 23-33.

This article by Lai Ha Freda Yuen gives an account of one Kindergarten teacher’s move from a thematic approach in the classroom to a project-based approach. It details the integration of voice and choice, research, writing and the use of visual arts within student work in a project. This article also goes onto explain the implementation of the process: changing to PBL, parent involvement, teacher roles, the inquiry process, and the value of reflection. 

Label: Kindergarten, Project-Based Learning, inquiry process, reflection

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