Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Teacher Diversity Matters: A State-byState Analysis of Teachers of Color

Boser, Ulrich. "Teacher Diversity Matters: A State-by-State Analysis of Teachers of Color." Center For American Progress (2011).

America has students of all sorts of colors in so many of its classroom. This study shows that there are relatively low percentages of teachers of color working in the nation's schools. This study goes on to investigate way. They find that teachers of color are less satisfied than white teachers and that they tend to work in high-poverty communities, so don't have access to as much money as other schools might.

Connections to My Research:
High Tech High's emphasis on equity has always spoken to me as I plan for my kids. Sometimes, I'm curious as to what exactly is different about a group of people of diverse cultural backgrounds versus a group of people with the same cultural background. I wonder how the groups function and think differently, how they problem solve. I think diversity is important, but I want to investigate the reasons why exactly this is important for our schools.

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