Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dorothy Heathcote's Notes

Heathcote, D. (1984). Dorothy Heathcote's notes. In Johnson, L. & O'Neill (Eds.), Dorothy Heathcote: Collected writings on education and drama (202-210).  London, UK: Huchingson.

Heathcote defines drama and describes the elements that must come into play in order for drama to exists. She describes the seven elements that are crucial for drama to work at the classroom level (including such components as cooperation, reflection and communication). Heathcote then describes in detail the types of drama frequently employed in an educational setting and uses concrete examples to illustrate the specific context of the learning (social, factual, reflective, curriculum). Finally, she describes the threefold aims she has in any drama session, which have to do with the children's needs and responsibilities, and the truthfulness that is expected of them.

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