Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sam Comes to School: Including Students with Autism in Your Classroom

Friedlander, D. (2009). Sam comes to school: Including students with autism in your classroom. The Clearing House, January/February, 141-144.


This article focuses on some simple strategies for including students with autism in the general education classroom. It provides some basic background information on the challenges that students with autism face and some useful strategies for preparing students for the school year.

This article was less informational than I had hoped. While it was nicely written, my experiences working with autistic students in my classroom, I was already aware of most the information presented. There were a few pieces that I thought were useful. The idea of meeting with a student and their family prior to the start of school is a simple and effective strategy, especially if attention is paid to anticipating issues and coming up with solutions to avoid those potential pitfalls. Overall, it is a nice, brief article for some basic information on autism.

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